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Many fairy tales are unknown or forgotten

August 26, 2020
Aeternam - Al Qassam

The title track starts the Aeternam - Al Qassam concept album with a mystical atmosphere enveloping the unhurried narration of harsh growling, sometimes accelerating with guitar solos of instrumental bridges, but returning to harsh growling narration with chorales and symphonic keyboard passages in the background, then combining the fast drive with vocal part. The Bringer of Rain immediately gives the music a free swiftness combining vocals with musical passages in a breathtaking dance of folklore tales and enchanting the instrumental part with the artistry of the guitar solo. The epic influence in the musical composition is then supported by inspirational tunes of clean vocals and melodic guitar solos, complemented by harsh growling, ending with a storytelling narration with a romantic background music,turning into a romantic introduction with dreamy phrases of trembling clean vocals of the Lunar Ceremony composition. But then the music becomes deeper and harsher, however, leaving clean vocals in the foreground of the musical image.
The mesmerizing romance of oriental ballads begins the Ithyphallic Spirits of Procreation track with a soft tenderness, then alternates between epic narratives of brooding growling with furious explosions of impetuous drive, crowned with symphonic keyboard passages. The chants of the flute and the mystical chorales of the dervishes begins the Palmyra Scriptures pensive ballad that envelops the romantic pensiveness of clean vocals with spicy notes of oriental folklore. Returning to restrained drive, the Hanan Pacha raises the banners of the solemn anthem, starting with mid-tempo rhythmic fragments, then slightly accelerating the tempo and introducing whirlwinds of impetuous drive into Eastern mysticism.
The acoustic chime of the strings tunes in for listening to the bardic saga, then complements the guitar passages with wind tunes and keyboard artistry, accelerating the pace of the epic Celestial Plains tale with the introduction of furious growling, combining vocal phrases with musical drive and returning to symphonic charm in instrumental bridges and fragments with clean vocals. The Ascension continues the narration of the album with restrained drive on the verge of a mid-tempo composition, twining musical passages with vocal phrases in a single musical stream, breaking this unity with the addition of clean vocals. The symphonic suite of the Poena Universi introduction continues with a mid-tempo anthem of oriental folklore, combining notes of drive and vocal severity with the sparkling lace of symphonic artistry.