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Mankind has not yet said goodbye to childhood dreams

March 14, 2020
Aton Five - Childhood's End

The soft and gentle notes of the acoustic guitar solo are enveloped in a charm of artistic thoughtfulness, then develop at the beginning of the The Sun That'll Never Warm You composition, taking the lead over the development of musical variations intertwined in the mesmerizing lace of an epic symphony crowned with mesmerizing notes of keyboard passages, as if introducing shades of spiritual greatness.
The mesmerizing passages of the mystical sacrament of the Woods Made Of Stone epic symphony continues the Aton Five - Childhood's End album, introducing into it the influences of legends of distant antiquity and entangling the rhythmic structure with swirls of guitar solos, bringing spicy influences of forgotten fairy tales.
The mysterious mystery of the muffled symphonic saga captivates with the thoughtful development of the They Have Fallen And Thou Have Fallen musical composition, against which the influence of classical music, more precisely, "In the Hall of the Mountain King" by Edvard Grieg, is clearly guessed.
Tired of wanderings and roamings, Vagabond's Worries envelops the listener with a soft ballad, the basis of which is created by a bass guitar part, crowned by the enchanting tunes of the violin symphony, complemented by notes of keyboard variations.
The final part of the album is devoted to the concert performances of the group - first, after progressive improvisations and the charm of instrumental artistry, The Endless Desert (Live) explodes with vortices of stiffness and rage, entangling with vortices of violent drive. Then the Time (Live) walks along with the pulsating procession of a rhythmic march, raising the banners of the solemn anthem, from time to time supplementing the majestic procession with doubts manifesting in incredibly skillful instrumental passages. The album closes with a concert performance of the The Sun That'll Never Warm You (Live) composition that opened it, complemented by enthusiastic cheers from fans who appreciated this impressive musical artwork.