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Manifestation of hatred in perfect form

June 02, 2022
Violentor -  Manifesto Di Odio

After the fascinating and majestic symphony of the introduction, the music and vocals develop its motifs, complementing the sound of the title track of the Violentor - Manifesto Di Odio album in a combination of melody and drive, mesmerizing with the unity of contrasts and their combination in a single musical stream. The La Paura Uccide unrestrained musical thriller immediately rises in a whirlwind of vocal anger, an impediment to a whirlwind of rapid musical rage.
The insistent sound of the Facciamo La Guerra composition after the furious and artistic explosions of the musical extravaganza of instrumental fragmen raises the vocals to the top of the musical image, continuing the vocal primacy in the unrestrained rebelliousness of the Vendetta Privata song, furiously and irrepressibly driving vocal phrases into the step of the musical path.
Acoustic musical passages in the Ballad Of The Free Spirits romantic atmosphere are complemented by a vocal confession. But then the vocals explode with angry pressure, escalating the combative atmosphere of the angry sound of the Senza Limite composition.
The Siete Tutti Morti vocals frenzy continues to elevate its significance, brandishing deadly gestures of frenetic significance, as much as it focuses on the intricacy and artistry in the sound of the Tieni D'occhio La Tua Strada composition, but the In Fondo Al Male proclamations fiercely their motives and mood.