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Man - that's just a cog in the machine of the world

March 23, 2017
Sepultura - Machine Messiah (Limited Edition)

The modern world can not exist without the devices, applications and gadgets - there's need in Sepultura - Machine Messiah (Limited Edition) , it necessary for the salvation!
The title track Machine Messiah immediately attracts attention. A clean, calm baritone vocals envelops with the fog of romantic thoughts. In the chorus the vocal hardens, finding a shade of harsh and bringing the emotional component of this ballad to a new level.
After a calm, thoughtful romance, I Am The Enemy throws waves of furious drive, emptying all the reserves of frenzied energy - calling all around for active and decisive action. The vocals complement the harsh with deeper shades before the impetuous, unrestrained guitar solo.
The broken rhythm in the introduction brings consciousness to the progressive plane, melodic passages refer to southern folklore melodies. Phantom Self unites this and many other things in its volatile, multi-valued sound image - but then the vocals directs melodic and rhythmic decisions to follow its phrases, enveloping them all in the veil of all sorts of musical tones.
The electronic device by the sound of its work starts a broken, changeable rhythm into the future a complex, multivalued Alethea journey. Shades of changeable sound picture are circling in the vortex, complicating and embellishing everything around with their unexpected delights.
The instrumental saga Iceberg Dances juggles with tempers, riffs and dreamy exalted keyboards and guitars inclusions, drawing into the mysterious foggy world of advanced imagination, which everyone will see, hear and perceive exclusively in their own way.
The foggy symphony begins to circulate in the world of ghost dreams, creating a fundamental basis for Sworn Oath, pronounced in the ballad style, then pumping the pace and character to rich, symphonic sound of gloomy and exciting melody.
Again after the ballad, so furious drive, but not accelerating the pace - turning into the violent Resistant Parasites, sharp, but still slow composition in which the drive relies on power and toughness.
Bright and quick-tempered, Silent Violence reates a combination of vocal disputes, competing with impetuous instrumental impulses. The winner is determined by you and me!
Rage and drive break out of the chains of complex solutions, rushing to Vandals Nest in a swift, unrestrained impulse.
Slow, lyrical fairy tale tells the legend of the Cyber God to all of us, darkening the sound image with the gloomy fog of hard music and harsh vocals from time to time, then dissipating them with the help of the calm, pensive clean vocals.
Drive, energy and fierce threshing are emitted through Chosen Skin (Bonus Track), captivating the mind after its breathtaking sound images.
Well, not only in Ireland there are bars, pubs and drunken sailors - Ultraseven No Uta (Bonus Track) splashes out on us a merry composition with folkloric notes ... and, perhaps, not only sailors.