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Majestic mountains requires appropriate offerings

April 25, 2017
Season Of Arrows - Give It To The Mountain

Sad thoughts, grim shades create a wonderful contrast with the thoughtless are joyful in the Season Of Arrows - Give It To The Mountain musical album!
Beginning in a quiet but gloomy sound, Farewell To The Horseman reveals the fan of fierce rage, slowly exaggerating gloomy hues, powerfully and skorntsentrento driving the melancholy with its sound.
Slowly crawl clubs of painful, dark smoke, piercing vocals with a sharp blade pierces this musical image. But the darkness does not dissipate, on the contrary - it envelops Deep Graves from all sides.
So grim solemn march, like a funeral procession, accompanies Evening Lord with gloomy corpuscle of ghostly creatures of hell, clad in rusty armor, armed with serrated swords and bent spears.
Calm, painful melancholic ballad Autumn Wings, envelops invisible with cool winds, circling imperceptible vortices in imaginary other-worldly dimensions.
The Bridge combines piercing vocal phrases, penetrating everywhere through the murky, viscous musical palette, enveloping burdensome dark musical images.
Violent, frenzied creaks and grinding begin a fairy tale about New Sorcery, carrying out clear and powerful rhythmic blows to the foreground, the vocalist shows himself off the background, majestically carrying the banner of magical spells.
The introduction creates an intrigue, combining mysterious echoes against the background of a restrained muted keyboard passage and rare guitar moves that leads somewhere Bellow the rolling drive to the calm tranquillity.
The charming quintessence of melancholy sadness From The Wilderness We Return completes the album with its melancholic and gloomy darkest shadess.