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Magical rituals shrouded in mystery

March 11, 2023
Atavisma - The Chthonic Rituals

The instrumental Chthonic composition begins the musical passage of the Atavisma - The Chthonic Rituals album with a drum solo, ending with an exhausted vocals cry, foreshadowing the pressure and drive of the Extraneous Abysmal Knowledge composition, combining music and vocals in a single musical stream, taming the tempo of the musical sound with the introduction of vocals, enveloping them with twilight covers of obscure foreshadows.
The dark covers of musical twilight wraps the vocals narrative in an atmosphere of dark mystery, varying the tempo of the Sacrifice Unto Babalon musical tale and complementing the various fragments with appropriate and suitable vocal support, continuing the musical narrative of the album with a gloomy procession of the Invocation of Archaic Deities dark march, sometimes billowing with rapid whirlwinds of musical rage.
After the melodious unhurriedness of the introduction, the Monoliths musical mystery intrigues with the mystery of the development of musical passages, slowly marching with a confident step along the chosen musical path. The rhythmic Ashen Ascetic march clearly, confidently and persistently drives the steps of its step into the musical path, paving the way for a reliable and gloomy musical procession.
Diversifying the sound of the wating artistry of musical variations, the Amid the Ruins composition varies the tempo and style, waiting for the vocal introduction fascinating with the variability of rhythmics and stylistics, anticipating the thoughtfulness and diversity of twilight shades of A Subterranean Life musical fairy tale, which draws the final line for the musical completion of the album.