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Magic is in the air

August 30, 2020
Sapphire Eyes - Magic Moments

The inspired union of vocals and music kicks off the Sapphire Eyes - Magic Moments album's musical festivities with the joyful and hopeful musical narration of the Still Alive song. Continuing the musical narration, the Don't Walk Away begins with a romantic ballad, continuing with a joyful mid-tempo combination of vocals and music, embellished with the chime of keyboard artistry. The boom guitar solo captivates melodic, setting the direction of the I Never Meant to Hurt You main motive. But then the vocal part brings shades of thoughtfulness and doubt, returning to the main motive in the chorus.
The Magic Moment title track takes you into the vastness of dreams, building ghostly silhouettes of cloud castles and creating dreamy images of unimaginable temptations. Inspirational Do You Think About Us vocal part carries away in the adventures described by its phrases, enveloped in enchanting echoes of guitar dreams and keyboard artistry. The narratives of the Just Leave Me storyteller bring the vocal part to the forefront of the musical image of the 6th composition.
The pulsing bass guitar intertwined with guitar riffs create a musical background for the Bring Back the Night (feat. Anette Olzon) vocal narration, topped with the artistry of the keyboard mystery. Particular attention should be paid to the vocal participation of the guest singing lady. The As the Days Go By vocals carries away the musical accompaniment to follow the beaten path of vocal phrases. The keyboard notes of the intro captivate with sublime symphony, setting the mood for the Cutting Like a Knife romantic vocals reflections. Again the keyboard artistry of the intro creates a dreamy atmosphere, but then the Only the Night vocal doubts create a more disturbing atmosphere of mild sadness. The All I Need Is to Hold You closes the album with the twilight mystery of a romantic ballad with brooding and sublime musical passages and the emotional inspiration of the vocals.