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Magic and valor are united by this tale

November 26, 2020
Darkenhöld - Arcanes & Sortileges

Soaring into a fierce union of symphonic style and musical drive, the Oriflamme begins the Darkenhöld - Arcanes & Sortileges album's musical narration with an inspired combination of melody and power, giving echoes of medieval minstrel songs to this unity. The L'ost De La Forteresse music and vocals intertwine in a breathtaking dance, varying tempo and composition for symphonic unity. Continuing the final motives of the previous composition, the Incantations complements their guitar riffs with the symphonic charm of the keyboard suites and echoes of folk motifs with orchestral tunes. The Mystique De La Vouivre retains the epic charm of musical storytelling by bringing vocals to the forefront of the musical image. The guitar solo of the instrumental part complements the musical component of the song with echoes of medieval mysticism, preserving this atmosphere in the final fragment.
The mysterious instrumental symphony La Tour De L'alchimiste acts as an intriguing introduction to the solemn anthem, combined with the style of a battle march in the valiant musical procession of the Heraldique composition. Vocal phrases enter into the Bestiaire Fantastique dancing extravaganza of crazy dance with demonic fury. The Le Sanctuaire Embras intro guitar solo raises the banner of a majestic symphony, but then the guitar transforms its riffs with progressive artistry in advance of the vocals' intro, and the music picks up the pace while maintaining its valiant grandeur. The Dans Le Cabinet De L'archimage concludes the album with an impressive instrumental symphony, emphasizing the influence of classical music with its keyboard majesty.