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Love will overcome any obstacles

June 30, 2020
Talk to Her - Love Will Come Again

Soft musical motifs are transformed into inspired electronic pulsations, the Innocence vocals as if creating a background of romantic experiences. The vocal part comes to the forefront of the Truth musical image, continuing the musical narration of the Talk to Her - Love Will Come Again album with a mysterious ballad, But then the instrumental bridge accelerates the pace of the music, although the vocals are still in romantic thought.
Bringing dance elements to the sound Ibisco crowns them with a mystical mystery of keyboard passages. Giving the musical style some shades of drive, pulsating with a stern march Hollow combines these musical passages with brooding vocals. Softening the pulsations of the musical rhythm Set Me Free raises vocal thoughts to the top of the musical narrative, sometimes transforming the vocal part into an alternation of vocals and their duet.
Vortexing electronic pulsations the No Other View song weaves them in a mysterious dance with vocal thoughts. The Caller continues similar musical style, introducing progressive complications into the rhythm and imposing the sound of a saddened guitar solo. The View (Reprise) instrumental symphony combining an epic atmosphere with a futuristic style of keyboard passages precedes the development of the final part of the album, continuing with a saddened ballad wrapping the Away / Afraid vocals reflections with the painful twilight of the keyboard passages, after which the final composition of the album Confessions removes vocal phrases on the musical background.