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Love sometimes leads to unexpected results

March 22, 2023
Eclipse SWE - Wired

The energetic guitar solo anticipates the further development of the Roses on Your Grave composition, ascending the emotional mood with a vocals story crowned with keyboards artistry, continuing the musical victim of the Eclipse (SWE) - Wired album with the Dying Breed rhythmic march with vocal doubts entwined with guitar riffs and keyboards, inspirationally accentuating song's title in the chorus.
The introduction anticipates the ascension of vocals phrases on the crests of musical waves of the Saturday Night (Hallelujah) spiritualized musical composition, wrapping up the further vocal thoughts of the Run for Cover song with bright musical support, continuing the development of melodic charm in the acoustic musical story of the Carved in Stone romantic ballad.
The musical motives of the Twilight composition combine the echoes of the minstrel and bard legends with the energetic drive of modern rock of music, developing such a unity, but with oriental motifs in the sound of the Poison Inside My Heart song.
The harsh and powerful pressure with the echoes of biker sagas and rifles of powerful riffs is combined with the enchanting inspiration of the vocals story of the Bite the Bullet verse, combining music and vocals in the single pressure of the chorus, emphasizing this unity in the joint march of the We Didn't Come to Lose march for drum fraction. Returning to the eastern motives in the sound of assertive drive of the Things We Love song, completing the sound of the album to the enchanting unity of music and vocals of the Dead Inside final composition.