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Lost times was fallen

May 07, 2022
Anna Ternheim - This Is The One (EP)

The charm of thoughtfulness of soft and thoughtful female vocals, complemented by the support of aristic keyboard variations of the Everytime We Fall (Feat. Lambert) (Naked Version) song, opens the musical gates of the Anna Ternheim - This Is The One (EP) release, developing the motives of the previous composition in a romantic and sensual musical fairy tale, complementing and developing the lyrical component of the previous story and complementing the sound of the dilogy with the Everytime We Fall composition.
And again, the vocal reflections of the singing lady begin the sound of the musical dilogy with the Lost Times (Feat. Lambert) (Naked Version) vocals monologue, then enveloping the musical passages of the Lost Times song with romantic veils of soft and gentle musical outlines, combining music and vocals in the bewitching charm of a musical story.
The This Is The One (Feat. Lambert) (Naked Version) title track of this release again constitutes a dilogy, starting with vocal reflections with an artistic keyboard symphony, captivating with artistic sound and ending with an equally thoughtful and charming This Is The One musical image.