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Loss of light does not always gives a rise to darkness

August 14, 2018
Vvilderness - Devour The Sun

Mysteriously and mysteriously Starless Dark creeps into the beginning of the Vvilderness - Devour The Sun album, continuing the whisper of mystical haze with melodious violin and key passages, in which the cello complements experiences. Keyboard symphony conceals cautious forebodings, completing the instrumental composition with a delightful symphony, a presenting introduction for the Sol, in which the symphonic beginning, shrouded in electronic impulses, left vocal in the depth of the musical image, but retaining the enchanting atmosphere characteristic of the early works of the performers of the symphonic black metal.
The title track Devour The Sun begins with an acoustic strings fingerings, then a screeching introduction in the main motive, an enchanting epic, sometimes exploding with drive pulses, but nevertheless leaving the melodic structure intact, only transforming and supplementing it again and again.
Inspiring with joyful motifs, the charming Life ballad dispels the twilight, ridding off adversity and captivating with incredibly melodic sound, weaving from the notes of sadness and emotions the enchanted ornament of inspiring images.
Anxiously and cautiously starting, the New Earth music transforms into artistic thoughtfulness, weaving passages of an acoustic guitar into majestic bardic legends, anticipating the further development of mankind. Then the electric guitar and the vocal ennoble the music, without changing the style of sounding, encompassing it with its own parts. Further, the tempo is somewhat accelerated, in a hurry to teach mono more musical frills - however, in the instrumental part, the acoustic romanticism of the introduction returns. The enchanting romance of the lyric chanson weaves an incredible number of different genres, capturing an incredible number of fans in a single impulse - so I perceive the variety of romantic impulses of the Aftershine composition, very inspirational and impressively finishing the album.