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Losing power is worth looking for other sources of it

September 06, 2022
Creeping Cats - Losing Strength

Music and vocals are intertwined in an unrestrained search for a way out of this situation with the sound of the Run from Trouble song, fascinating with the artistry of the guitar solos of the instrumental part and leading to listening to the Creeping Cats - Losing Strength album.
After a furious explosion and drive at the beginning, the Weight Is a Gift composition adds its sound to an epic bardic fairy tale, adhering to the musical path of the main motif. The Boys of the Night beginning with a drum roll, then introduces into the sound of the album the atmosphere of battle songs proclaiming combat valor and epic sagas, in memory of unforgettable legends and fairy tales.
The intro of the Ruby Red Lips composition heralds the rolls of restrained drive, crowned with vocal narration. But the notes of blues and reflections of vocal concentration in the gloomy mystery of guitar riffs envelop the twilight atmosphere of the sound of the One More Night song.
Slowly returning to the pensive reflections of vocal narration, the Smoking in the Shadows musical artwork accentuates rhythmic stride and vocals pensiveness in a bluesy musical atmosphere, retaining these sensations with some tempo acceleration in the Everything at Once composition and complementing with twilight shades and mysterious threads of musical mystery in the New York Serenade end of the album.