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Lord of the winter is waiting for appeals

October 30, 2019
Sworn To The Sword - The Calling

The title track begins the Sworn To The Sword - The Calling album with an inspired instrumental symphony, introducing an atmosphere of bardic tunes and developing an intrigue for further musical narration. Troll Cleaver is immediately rushing away by an uncontrolled swirling whirlwind, enveloping the guitar drive with sparkling guitar notes and intertwining growling and clean vocals in the vocal part.
The epic tunes of the trumpeting Horns of War call the warriors to battle. Warriors march in militant march, bards play along on accordions and chime. Entering as leisurely instrumental saga, Erlking completes the musical essence with a union of clean vocals and growling. Then the banners of epic fairy tales elevate mesmerizing melodic dreams, weaving the Adventurer exciting lace of musical variations around vocal phrases. Charming chants of female vocals complement the vocal part. The birds singing and the sounds of nature culminate in the development of the Voyage Into the Abyss main motive, rolling waves of medium-tempo drive with symphonic notes. In the bridge, the composition is transformed by a fairy choir, preceding the ascension of the banners of the chorus. The Emerald Forest brings to the top of the epic musical narrative phrases of clean vocals, captivating with fascinating folklore motifs and complementing vocal reflections with a violin and guitar chimes. The soft epic charm of enchanting epic melody begins the Old Iron Eye composition, then envelops the uncontrolled race of rapid drive with bewitching covers. An acoustic introduction weaves the foundation for a bewitching epic story in which music and vocals phrases add a touch of oriental folklore, completing the Goblins composition with foral combining male and female vocals.
The Life Builder romantic ballad brings a singing lady to the forefront of the musical narrative, complementing the background with demonic screaming in the chorus. Assuming the introduction to continue the ballad essence, but To Glory song then however returns the growling to the vocal part and rolls in waves of a severe mid-tempo march.
The saddened orchestral motifs of the Winter's Lament instrumental symphony are the introduction of the final composition of the album The Lord of Ice and Snow, which variably combines elements of epic romanticism in the majestic anthem, complementing them with the ghosts of a fast drive and linking these contrasting elements in a bewitching musical saga.