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January 21, 2022
Perfect By Tomorrow - Lyra

The music rolls out the musical canvas for the intro vocals, which recreate the thoughtful atmosphere of the sound of the Humans song, showing the musical essence of the Perfect By Tomorrow - Lyra album without excessive thought and over intrigue. The Bag Of Bones track brings to the musical story notes of thoughtfulness and sadness, filling the expectations of intriguing mystery, which perhaps some listeners lacked. But the Worth While composition develops expectations of the musical sound with echoes of joyful atmosphere and ocean beaches, scorched by the sun and rays of human joy. The Far Away song brings echoes of past adventures in a sparkling story of memories and impressions.
The unhurried musical reflections and vocal meditations bring the vocal part to the forefront of the Medication musical image, complementing the sound with the female vocals of a guest artist and continuing a similar musical style in the sound of the Riley's Interlude song, enveloping the listener in an atmosphere of memories and associations.
The inspirational sound of the Weird Kids composition is complemented by childish reflections, continuing with romantic pensive 7:45 song, unhurriedly and laboriously marching along the chosen musical path.
Vocals reflections bring the duo of main vocals and backing vocals to the forefront of the No Worries musical, that is foreshadowing the Staring At The Sky album's final track.