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Looking for the devil within yourself

September 02, 2022
Psychlona - Palo Verde

Energetically, confidently and persistently, the music of the Gasoline song rolls in dense waves of musical drive, confidently and persistently paving the way for vocal narration and sticking to and not turning away from the path of the main motif, continuing the musical story of the Psychlona - Palo Verde album in a similar style with the sound of the 1975 composition, complicating the rhythmic component, especially in the verses in addition to increasing vocal emotionality and artistic guitar solos of instrumental bridges.
The intriguing mystery of the musical passages of the introduction is then complemented by the mystical shades of the vocals story, weaving together in the twilight lace of the Rainbird musical tale. Persistently, persistently and confidently, the Meet Your Devil musical march drives its step into the procession along the chosen musical path, diversifying the musical image with artistic variations of the sound in the instrumental bridges. The Purple River intro brings mystical echoes of forgotten fairy tales to the sound of the album.
The drum roll of the intro brings to the sound of the Jetplane composition notes of rhythmic drive, crowned with an appeal to the adventures and discoveries of the vocal narrative, continuing with the intriguing mystery of the La Tolvanera song with mysterious pulsations of musical variations and artistic transformations of instrumental bridges. The Warped composition concludes the album with an interrogative mystery of musical variations, combined with an inspired and hopeful vocals ascension.