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Looking for irrefutable evidence

June 29, 2022
Gramma Vedetta - Proof of Concept

The guitar tuning and the brief whirlwind of the intro guitar solo anticipate the twilight reflections of the vocal lyrics in the verse, ascending in the bright ascension of the chorus of the Behind the Blinds song. Alternating vocals reflections and inspired guitars solos in the foreground of the musical image, The Glitch composition confidently and assertively continues the musical narrative of the Gramma Vedetta - Proof of Concept album.
The gloomy mystery of the intriguing introduction ends with a jerky rebellious devotion of musical drive and vocal appeals, as if enthralling in wanderings and adventures. But then the vocal part marches in a rhythmic march, reflecting the diversity of the musical essence of the Taranto Train to Toronto Town song. The Other Side rhythmic march persistently, sonorously and confidently drives his step into the musical path, complementing the sound with notes of doubt and subtleties of uncertainty of vocal lyrics and twilight mystery of the guitar solo of the instrumental part.
The chime of the guitar solo opens the musical gates for the She (Has a Plan) composition, in which the guitar and vocals alternate in the foreground of the musical procession with echoes of love experiences.
The Address Unknown twilight ballad builds a compositional structure on the basis of full doubts and reflections of vocal experiences, raises shades of emotional upset and sadness about past losses. Bard ballad Oxygen concludes the album with a combination of acoustic guitar string chimes and vocal tunes of the bard.