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November 03, 2022
The Electric Alley - Apache

The title track begins the The Electric Alley - Apache album's musical narrative with an alternating and artistic combination of unhurried romantic reflections of the verses, the emotional ascension of the choruses, ending with bright melodic guitar solos. Then the sound of the Hurricane song accentuates the rhythm and accentuation of the elements of the main motif.
Then, in the romantic musical atmosphere of the introduction of the One Lasting Light composition, the vocal part is brought to the fore, then accelerating with musical passages in a stream of joint sound, continuing the vocal primacy in the sound of the inspired What's Going On? ballad, continuing the romantic atmosphere of musical artistry in the melodic charm of the Fireworks song.
The solemn procession of the Writing's On The Wall march raises vocal phrases to the crests of musical waves, then accelerating in the whirlwind of restrained vocal reflections of the sparkling drive of the Make It Through The Night composition, developing into an inspired embodiment of the freedom-loving rocknrol spirit in the unity of music and vocals of the All The Way song and the promotion of the vocal part to the foreground with the Son Of A Gun composition saturation of musical style with energetic drive.
The sound of the Bliss soothing ballad wraps vocal phrases with bright sparkling solos, completing the album with unsurpassed romanticism.