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Looking for a way between

March 31, 2023
Moon Shepherd - Between The Circles

The guitar solo unfolds the musical canvas of the introduction of the Moon Is Rising composition, along which the vocal part then marches inspiredly, weaving back before the guitar solos of the instrumental bridges and intertwining with the music in the enchanting dance of the chorus, preceding the rhythmic and persistent Broken Heart epic saga that continues the Moon Shepherd - Between The Circles album with notes of a battle march in sound.
Beginning with a brooding bard ballad in the introduction, the Stranger Sinner composition then accentuates the assertive rhythmicity and intransigence of the sound, which is then maintained in the background support of the Methusalem musical tale, crowned with a bright guitar solo and an inspired vocal narrative.
Romantically, the charm of the pensive guitar solo of the instrumental title track of the Between The Circles album is the introduction of the Headless Rider twilight epic musical fairy tale, developing the motifs of the title guitar solo together with vocals experiences while processing together through the twilight haze and shady obscurity. The bright guitar solo marks the further development of the mid-tempo procession of the Mr. Pope musical procession, the sound of which is dominated by the lyrical story of the vocal part, after the verse accompanying the musical acceleration of the tempo. The mesmerizing melodic sound of the Black Widow ballad envelops the listener with covers of musical charm, preceding the completion of the album with the Creature rhythmic march, raising vocals phrases with a folkloric tinge to the crests of musical waves.