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Looking for a universal answer

October 25, 2023
Destabilizer - Violence Is The Answer!

The title track begins the musical journey of the Destabilizer - Violence Is The Answer! album with a rapid rush of unbridled drive, complemented by bright emotions of vocals rage. The guitar solo introduces an intriguing element of mystery in the introduction of the Iconoclast composition, in the distant sound basing on it the musical structure of its main motive, then crowned with a vocal dispute of voices in a single emotional outburst. The Road To Hell persistent mid-tempo march stubbornly hammers its gait into the chosen musical path, slightly accelerating the tempo with the introduction of vocals in the verse, but holding it back with the vocals significance of bridges and choruses.
The rapid whirlwind of drive of the Progress song intertwines with vocal phrases in an exciting rapid dance, intertwining in a single musical stream, asserting the significance of the sound in the majestic guitar solo of the introduction, foreshadowing the entrance of the vocal part of the Matchday composition with a rapid whirlwind of guitar riffs, generating the sound of a leitmotif crowned with vocals phrases.
The bewitching charm of the Invocation guitar solo acts as an introduction to the King Paimon composition, which begins its sound with an even more enchanting guitar solo, followed rhythmically by a persistent march, accelerating the sound with the introduction of vocals lyrics.
The guitar solo of the intro weaves the twilight haze of the Ex Inferis mysterious tale, shrouding the mysterious vocal story in a ghostly fog, the continuing rapid pursuit of the verse, into which the vocal phrases introduce the foggy shadows of the thoughts of the Panic song, ending with a bright and artistic guitar solo, anticipating the further conclusion of the album with the exciting sound of the Terrorist epic saga.