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Looking for a path to salvaion

February 09, 2023
Dream Unending - Songs of Salvation

The unhurried mystery of the twilight musical mystery slowly, carefully and unhurriedly prepares the introduction of the vocal part of the Dream Unending - Songs of Salvation album's title track, combining thoughtful and wise vocal narration, broadcasting lyrical reflections with velvety growling vocals, entwined with an obscure fog of mysterious premonitions and unknown predictions. Then there is a certain acceleration of the tempo and a rhythmic procession of a stubborn march, crowned with meaningful and confident vocal phrases and the sparkling charm of the guitar solo.
The twilight atmosphere of the Secret Grief song envelops with the veils of saddened romance, bringing in artistic melodies with saxophone parts, iridescent keyboard passages and saddened vocal lyrics, beginning with desperate prayers of pure vocals, then introducing significance with phrases of growling vocals, continuing with ornate notes of the Murmur of Voices instrumental suite, enchanting with artistic inspiration and the bright sound of a guitar solo, lifting into the vastness of dreams and imaginary temptation with the muffled vocal tenderness of the background whisper. The guitar solo is brought to the forefront of the Unrequited musical image, mesmerizing with the grandeur of melodic artistry and anticipating the solemn procession of the Ecstatic Reign musical fairy tale, which concludes the album with a majestic procession of a vocals story and accompanying musical variations with echoes of medieval sagas and legends of mystical charms.