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Looking elsewhere

November 14, 2022
Project Vela - Elsewhere (EP)

After the muted mystery of the introduction, the vocals announce the title of the You Can't Fix Me song, then rolling out the musical canvas of the Project Vela - Elsewhere (EP) release, playing in the verses a mysterious reverie that precedes the romantic inspiration of the choruses. The final chorus is preceded by vocal bitterness and furious drive.
The vocal lyrics are brought to the forefront of the Pretend musical image, enveloping vocals reflections with a romantic musical atmosphere, continuing a similar musical style in the fascinating musical charm of the What I Deserve romantic ballad.
Musical motifs weave mesmerizing lace around inspired vocal reflections, creating a sparkling charm of the sound of the I'm Sorry composition.
Keyboards passages bring in the introduction futuristic echoes of electronic pulsations, then pushing the lyrical vocals narrative to the foreground of the compositional artistry of the Left with Pieces song, continuing the development of modern musical trends in the charming sound of the Waiting for Death to Begin romantic ballad, captivating with a dreamy vocal story in the vastness of sparkling temptations.