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November 01, 2017
The War On Drugs - A Deeper Understanding

Quiet, ingratiating music Up All Night with some degree of anxiety in the vocal phrases begins album The War On Drugs - A Deeper Understanding , creating an intrigue for listening to subsequent compositions.
An insinuating, pacifying Pain motive pacifies anxiety, but in vocal parts emotions do not dispel all anxiety.
Mysterious, mysterious notes, inspired high keyboards passages bring a bit of magic to Holding On sound, enveloping the atmosphere of fairy romance.
Continuing this mystical fairytale atmosphere Strangest Thing brings a bit of romance of the wild west, as if supplementing with the aroma of prairies.
In a gentle, sensual and enchanting ballad Knocked Down dominates keyboard passages, enveloping the atmosphere of romantic dreams.
After sensual reflections on the love mysteries Nothing To Find sweeps a wave of joyful drive, overflowing the sound of energy flows intertwined in bright combinations.
Again, imaginary dreams Thinking Of A Place carries off into miraculous contemplation, imagining the fulfillment of all-powerful hopes and the fulfillment of an infinite number of desires. In the middle of the compositions, a pensive guitar solo picks up the notes of the mind.
Rhythm gives a certain power of the composition In Chains, firmly and rigidly walking along the chosen musical path.
The incredibly calm and tranquil composition Clean Living creates an atmosphere of unlimited peace, restrained vocal phrases complementing with an immensely calm accompaniment.
The album ends with a lyrical ballad, sighing about feelings, without which life is not the way - again and again, repeating the plea You Don't Have To Go. Then the music saturates with a mass of variations enveloping the ragged rhythm.