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Loneliness of the solitary man

June 03, 2022
Shadecrown - Solitarian

The musical pressure of the main motive of The Awakening composition captures in a joint journey of musical melody and vocals diversity, opening the gates for the procession of the Shadecrown - Solitarian album, continuing with the exciting procession of the Dark Heart Replica twilight march with shades of oriental motifs.
The mesmerizing guitar solo of the intro sets the path for the Momentary Trails main motive, which is enhanced by the melodic guitars chimes and vocal lyricism. After the militant drum roll of the intro and the rolls of the harsh and sonorous intro, the music of the Slivers composition is transformed into thoughtful memories of past combats and battles. The Loss continues the musical tale of the album with a sad symphony in which the keyboard suites, with the brooding artistry of musical variations, anticipate the vocal part's ascension on the twilight mystique of musical charm.
Thoughtful and sublime romance of the sound of the Aeon's Still composition wraps the storyteller's vocal narratives with enchanting musical veils, anticipating the explosion of a rolling drive and the fury of the Crestfallen song's musical drive, pacifying the musical tempo with the introduction of vocals, starting its part with clear vocals with dreamy notes, then hardening to growling. The Solitarian title track concludes the album with its longest-running saga, captivatingly and impressively summing up the album's vocal and musical variations, complementing the vocal line with the mesmerizing vocals of a singing lady.