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Loneliness inspires despair

January 05, 2021
Anna Pest - Forlorn

The Countenance music and vocals explodes with fierce anger, then pulsing in mid-tempo pulsations, but sometimes soaring in emotional exaltation of charisma. The guitar solo of the instrumental part anticipates a burst of vocal anger, setting a very peculiar, impressive and catchy sound of the Anna Pest - Forlorn album. The vocal narration comes to the fore of the Asmodeus twilight anthem, bringing oriental touches and accents to the instrumental bridges. But then the music, while retaining its enchanting melodism, becomes somewhat hardened, braiding the vocal part with the lace of its passages.
The Nyctophobic symphonic introduction, intertwining the spicy aromas of oriental motives with the anticipation of the future development of musical variations, captivates ... but then Golgotha explodes with the fierce anger of a frantic musical thriller that keeps the spicy motives in the fast-moving musical stream. The Only starts as a romantic ballad, slowing down the rhythm for vocal narratives that vary their own and musical sound.
Continuing the romantic ballad in the intro, the Samuelle then leaps into a frantic drive, but the music then returns to romantic atmosphere again. The ending of the composition gives a kind of intro feeling for the Euthanize, with which the music and vocals explode with frantic drive and unbridled fury. The Forevermore ringing of a bell, distant winds and post-rock echoes round off the album, combining in a very peculiar and impressive way the influence of many musical styles on the band's work.