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February 12, 2019
Nornsaga - The Shores of Nithhoggr

Epic tunes Nornsday (Intro) start the Nornsaga - The Shores of Nithhoggr concept album, raising the leitmotif to the experiences of the next composition. In the sound of the The Altered clear vocals dominate, growling appearing softly in the middle of the composition.
The leitmotif of the album appears in the introduction, then rolling with powerful waves of the On the Shores of Nidhoggr narration.
Rage and swiftness are intertwined with the enchanting whirlwinds of the Kaivosmies epic narration.
Majestically, viscously and painstakingly sounding the pensive riffs of the intro From the Sky they Fell creates a fascinating atmosphere of pensive music.
The Silent as the Stone Breaks main motive of the composition builds the path of narration, echoing the shades again and again.
Symphonic ordinances are intertwined in enchanting lace of obsession with vocal reflections, creating incredible whims of the Tule Kotiin unknown transformations.
The gloomy symphony develops into the A Tale of Takaisinvaltaus mysterious narration, then the enchanting canvas returns to fabulous limits, but again turns into twilight power.
The majestic narrative appeals to the kindred memories, then Wanderer song returns memories from oblivion.
Pulsating gloomily, turning over the thoughts and aspirations, Hanzo's Letter parses the anticipations and carries away the furious flow of waiting drive. Complementing the sound of album Ghost Division ("Sabaton" cover) brings more furious and straight-line drive into it.