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October 15, 2019
 No Limited Spiral - Into the Marinesnow

The vague mystery of - In Reminiscence - musical intrigue and the beat of the clock open the gates of the No Limited Spiral - Into the Marinesnow album. The countdown is preceded by a rapid wave of drive exploding uncontrolled musical thriller of the Nyx composition. The epic twilight rises with bewitching trends of The Witch of Dusk ancient tales, enveloping in the bewitching melody of musical passages. Then, swift whirlwinds of drive captures musical trends, enveloping Gestalt-Eve vocals phrases with swift flows, complementing with enchanting keyboard meditations in instrumental bridges. Kalra the Everlasting Red complements mysterious tales with bright sparkling guitar solos interwoven with vocal phrases in a bewitching musical lace.
The charming softness of the - Daffodil - keyboard symphony divides the album into two parts, again giving way to a powerful and energetic drive of the The Rusted Dream and My Sweet Nightmare song in the musical horizon. Then the main motive of Dissolved in the Color of Ocean composition flies away in the rapid stream of a mysterious musical twilight. Preserving the musical energy of a rapid drive, Cherished, Frozen and Faded transforms the sound into more epic echoes of ancient tales. Clockwork Serenade ends the album, starting with a soft minstrel ballad, but then returning to the usual drive with epic and bewitching shades.