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Listen and heed - to understand and accept all of it

December 28, 2016
My Personal Murderer - Cauchemar

Do not believe me? Why? So be it - I will tell you about this My Personal Murderer - Cauchemar around and what does that means!
The title track starts the album, it sounds like pensive monologue telling about Cauchemar that occurs around, sublime calm guitar notes appears in the end of every turn. Composition appeals for much more attention closer to the end, gaining dense powerfull instrumental impulse.
The Worm Prince follows after the confession, soft and swift lyrical track, which focuses instead on the inner world.
Thoughtful, slow starts - Constant Waiting envelops all with intriguing mysterious mist, hiding future in impenetrable fog. Waiting conceals nervousness, putting experience beyond the vastest expanses - like the ballad drives into a state of lethargy.
Waiting accumulates emotions, unmet expectations - so eager to Dear Pigeon found quickest and easy way. So strive of parents love, relatives were proud. Lyrical melody envelops these ordinances gentle veil their quiet music, not hiding, but increasing the nervousness and the importance of these words.
Crawling Son continues the retribution of lyrical emotional expectations with calm and delicate vocal phrases. After graduating from the introductory monologue, instrumental influence escalating - so, the composition expands horizons hidden knowledge.
Like the heartbeat of the unknown and intangible beings pulsating rhythm of the Soup For The Creature, vocals enigmatically changes the mood and instrumental sound is divided into rhythmic whirlwinds complementary vocal phrases in the foreground and mysterious guitar riffs on the background.
Pass in a calm and iridescent haze, Streets lais around the city without further ado and are in their riverbeds streams of people, machines and spirits of the past and the future. They do not need meaningless words, on the contrary, after several - they accumulates a lot of impressions in the sounds, that displays their nature and lore.