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Listen and accept your judgment

February 24, 2021
Страта - Вирок

Electronic pulsations and the sound of a sharpening ax herald the Страта - Вирок album's Страта intro, then embodying a diverse musical canvas of restrained drive, combining screaming, harsh and growling in the Проклятий song's vocals.
Then the rapid race of the Дорога смерті musical thriller with irrepressible vocal harsh alternates with the harsh significance of vocals and music on the path of deep growling, sometimes combining these contrasts into a single musical stream. The Вирок title track combines the explosions of the furious drive of instrumental bridges with meaningful narratives of vocal fragments.
The procession of the mid-tempo march lifts the banners of the solemn anthem, giving the significance of musical combat with vocal emotions, accelerating the pace with the introduction of the Звір song's vocals with notes of rock'n'roll dance. Softly and charmingly, the Прірва composition rolls out the musical canvas of a brooding ballad, combining clean vocals and a symphonic musical atmosphere in the vocal part, but then hardening the sound of the music and complementing the vocal part with growling.
After a dark intro, the Останній політ song lightens the vocals with brooding phrases of clean vocals, but then weaves a fierce musical canvas around demonic screaming and stern growling. The Спотворена віра musical frenzy brings shifting vocal sounds to the fore, wrapping the finale of the bars in bright swirls of guitar solos. The Тиша composition closes the album with a crushing rush of a harsh musical ballad.