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Like an illusory monument to lost desires

June 29, 2021
Nergard, 2013 -  Memorial for a Wish (Reissue, 2018 Version)

The vocal controversy complements the solemn grandeur of the Angels musical variations of progressive artistry, starting the majestic parade of the remake of the Nergard - Memorial for a Wish (Reissue, 2018 Version) musical release. The Haunted complements the vocal variability with the mesmerizing tunes of the singing lady, expanding the stylistic boundaries of the album while maintaining progressive musical grandeur. After the melodic variability, the Hell on Earth song builds up waves of musical drive, hardening into the sound of a tough mid-tempo musical thriller.
Fascinating with a romantic musical atmosphere, the Stay intertwines music and vocals in an enchanting dance of a romantic ballad. A Question of God returns to the furious drive in the intro's guitar solo, but returns to symphonic charm with the introduction of polyphonic vocal narration. An Everlasting Dreamscape captivates with romantic vocal narration, complementing ballad phrases with enchanting artistry of guitars solo.
The vocal part comes to the fore of the Nightfall musical image, taking the musical procession into the limits of dreamy temptations, crowned with background keyboard symphonies. The Requiem epic saga draws attention and lifts up lost memories, focusing on them with a charming symphony, anticipating the romantic grandeur of the Inside Memories final composition of the album, building its musical image on the basis of the unity of vocal diversity. Among other things, the restrained growling of the vocals sometimes expands the stylistic framework of the album.