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Like an addictive drug

May 17, 2023
Diary of Dreams - Melancholin

The bewitching mystery of the twilight atmosphere of the Mein Werk Aus Zement musical symphony is complemented by saddened vocals reflections that weave the joint artistic lace of the Diary of Dreams - Melancholin album with gothic shades, developing a similar musical style in The Secret track with the addition of futuristic electronic pulsations, raising the sensual inspiration of the lyrical vocal part above these musical variations. Subsequently, the sound is transformed into a rhythmic tread, lifting vocal phrases to the crests of musical waves. The enchanting atmosphere of the Viva La Bestia ballad fascinates with intriguing mystery and unity of forgotten fairy tales with futuristic musical style.
Electronic musical pulsations come to the fore of the introduction, weaving the musical canvas of the Gedeih & Verderb main motif and rolling out later for the procession of the vocal narrator, who comes to the fore of the My Distant Light composition after the intriguing twilight mystery of the introduction. The melodic charm of the intro then predetermines the further musical path of The Fatalist song, sometimes bringing the vocal part to the forefront of the sound, separating these fragments with musical variations of instrumental bridges and artistically weaving them in the chorus in a single musical texture.
Slowly marching musical variations are intertwined with the enchanting phrases of the vocal part in the artistic dance of the All Is Fragile romantic ballad, slowly marching in dreamy inspiration along the chosen musical path until reaching the gates of the bewitching Beyond The Void musical fairy tale, continuing the melodic charm and with the achievement of the twilight romantic atmosphere of the Welt Aus Porzellan composition, enveloping the vocals lyrics with covers of fascinating gothic musical covers, retaining its influence in the keyboards passages with the vocals mystery of the Tränenklar symphonic sonata that concludes the album.