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Lights beckoning glitter sparkles before us

January 01, 2020
Crom - Behold the Lights

The tunes of the ghostly guards precede the introduction of vocals that dominate the musical image of the Crom - Behold the Lights album's title track, departing from these chorales in the bridges. Raising the banners of the epic melody of the main motive to the introduction, the vocals complement the fabulous narrative of the Reason to Live majestic anthem.
The acoustic chime of guitar strings charmingly develops the introduction of The Restless King inspired ballad, mesmerizingly entwining with restrained musical delights the vocal narrative. Continuing the unhurried musical narration My Song for all the Broken Hearts marches in a rhythmic march, inspiring with valiant tunes and stern vocal proclamations.
Forcing the waves of restrained drive, Betrayal marches the procession of a combat march. Inspiration and dreamy tunes of vocals are intertwined with the This Dying World mesmerizing romance of musical passages combining soft acoustic passages and romantic sadness.
Severe power is approaching the rampart of stubborn musical drive, giving the One Step to the Lake Below sound shades of thoughtfulness and epic significance. Setting the severity of the sound with the introduction, then the Sentenced to Death main motive is enveloped in a charming melody, disconnected in a bewitching waltz with the vocal part. Rolling the musical canvas of the main motive Hammer Of The Gods brings to the fore the vocal narrative, edging the vocal phrases with echoes of the musical passages. The echoes of the majestic tunes of northern folklore fills the sound of the Fire song with epic significance and inspiration of the Viking sagas. When Northmen Die completes the compilation of the group’s artworks, which has absorbed the essence of all albums and creates a complete picture of the band’s music.