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Light will envelop future failures

October 19, 2019
Hawkeyes - Last Light Of Future Failure

The echoes of oriental folklore motifs begin the Hawkeyes - Last Light Of Future Failure album with a bewitching charm of mystery, then adding significance to the sound of 1 composition, rolling out the musical canvas of the solemn anthem, honoring unforgettable heroes and elevating solemn banners to the top of the musical narration of The Lickening majestic anthem.
Starting with the pulsating notes characteristic of stoner rock and sludge metal, then Look At 'Em Scramble transforms them with charming musical variations, preserving, however, the musical essence of the main motive. It brings the spirit of wanderings, the spirit of adventure and the enchanting atmosphere of discoveries. Taking keyboard passages to the forefront of the musical narrative, the Nude Karate composition gives the sound an artistic spirit of wandering and adventure.
Giving the intro sound to the notes of gloomy solemnity and painful romanticism, the Full Of Secretscomposition marches along the musical canvas with the ghosts of a castle that wants to preserve the greatness of its ancestors, family relics and the honor of the clan unshakable and untouchable. Then, in music, anxiety and anticipation of battles and trials arises, ascending with epic experiences of obscure significance.