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Light indicates the true path

October 14, 2020
Viikate - Rillumarei!

The Intro . Valkea Jouhi acoustic guitar solo blending with a melodic atmosphere of musical mystery creates an intriguing atmosphere, then reading the Hallava song's whirlwind of charm with guitar passages around vocal phrases, enclosing them in a sparkling tunnel of the Viikate - Rillumarei! album's musical essence.
After a gloomy introduction with motives of northern folklore, the Susivirsi elevates vocal phrases to the top of the musical procession, preserving the echoes of Nordic mysteries. Whimsical with the melodic guitar solo of intro the Varjorastaat track then weaves it into a dance with vocal phrases. The Vaivaisten Laulu retains that grim grandeur, but at first slows down to an epic saga.
The title track Rillumarei! begins with the thoughtfulness of an acoustic ballad, but then develops the intro to an incredibly hit melody. eveloping the motives of the previous composition into an energetic drive, the Huomenta Humalaiset somewhat pacifies the sound with the introduction of vocals, but returns to the mood of the opening in the chorus. But it sounds more majestic and solemn with a vocal narrative.
A brooding guitar solo sets the mood for the Alhaisen Virran Maa sublime ballad, complementing its musical image with leisurely vocals confessions. But the Viilusaketti is twisting rebellious whirlwinds of impetuous drive, transforming, perhaps, the most significant thriller of the album. The Valo Saa Sinut ends the album with an incredibly inspiring ballad.