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Light buried in distant oblivion

February 15, 2020
Arbrynth - A Place of Buried Light

The mystical mystery of bewitching melodics envelops in a mysterious atmosphere, the vocal part begins Crucible composition with a deep growling, then raising the mind to sky-high distances and complementing the atmosphere of the Arbrynth - A Place of Buried Light album with dreamy sadness of clean vocals. The inspirational charm of the musical passages of The Dark Between the Stars main motive combines significant power and pensive charm, weaving an enchanting musical lace of contrasting musical and vocal fragments.
Walking in the pulsing procession of the solemn anthem, Shores of Avon Ri pays more attention to the mesmerizing charm of clean vocals, manifesting itself from the thickness of musical passages as an ethereal ghost. But while preserving the bewitching melody of the musical sound, the composition accelerates the pace, transforming vocal phrases into demonic growling. The soft romantic ballad The Calling acts as an introduction to the Immolation of the Lamb composition, in which growling and clear vocals alternate and intertwine in a duet, entwined with the covers of gentle melody in a romantic atmosphere.
Slowly and significantly building the structure of the musical image Beautiful in Death tightens the rhythm with the introduction of vocals, beginning with emotional cries of growling, continuing with dreamy chorales of clean vocals. The title track A Place of Buried Light completes the album, first braiding the emotional appeal of growling with sparkling ribbons of guitar riffs, then complementing the power and drive with dreamy reflections of clean vocals shrouded in a soft and bewitching romantic atmosphere.