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Life is too short and the body - corruptible

July 11, 2016
Inhalator - Almok Temetoje

Life begins in the cradle, but it destined to come to end at the Inhalator - Almok Temetoje .
Stretched out, dreamily starts, then Gehennahanyatlas rocking by its sounds! Gathered, rushing forward, without noticing obstacles and barriers. After a zealous and unstoppable breakthrough, instrumental causes thoughtfully listen to the delayed party, but not for long - spurt again, burst again!
Viscous, powerful, fiercely, but slowly starts Hoher Elott, inscribing the melody and power in a single burst. There's no reason to hurry up - persistently and powerfully vocals snarls its own part, the melody isn't eager for speed extravaganza - the leitmotif slowly, at an average pace, continues its path.
Viciously hammered stakes into the souls Alomgep starts its furious path, varying the tempo and melody, dancing between these parts. Splash of beautiful clean ballad guitars in the instrument part, transfers us from rage and hatred towards beauty and sensuality. But - the end returns all of us to harsh reality! Argh!
Little girl sings a song, how wonderful it is - but that's Paranoia! Action pharmaceuticals ended - straightjacket binds the movement of the body, but not humble mind jerks from side to side. But mind and body have tired to be tossed - consciousness takes away a single impulse, with no fear and pain, without loss power. Beautiful sounds that memorable riff, without furious malice beautiful motif.
The melodic beginning of the Passziv Exitalas, takes us to the fierce insistent haunting verse, accelerating its way into bridge. But - fury has limits, despite the return to the angry filing at the end, the singer tried to finish melodious.
Fantazmagoria wonderful, sublime melodic instrumental ballad... it's over? Return to the beginning!
Enigma, title suggests serenity and tranquility! No, haven't guessed - furious riffs combine melodic component and a tight supply of angry and ferocious feelings!
If you want to show optimism, to see the best and only positive accept in all things around - have to be ready to the Szkepszis. Ragged rhythm complements harsh vocal gusts reaching in their emotional nervousness peaks of consciousness. But the calm of their wonderful guitar melody, then turned into a violent conclusion.
Acoustic guitar riff opens the entry of the composition, Testtelen Tanc gaining flesh and absorbing blood. Imbibed forces tearing out, they need to release its power in world around us. But the song ends with the same acoustic riff that have started it.
Felfestett Toltenyek - rage breaks out, it shattered all on the way into small pieces. Objectionable sweeps out from its path! Melodic and exquisite guitar solo completes that album... his heart stops beating.