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Liberty or death is not the only variation of choice

April 02, 2019
Burn Down Eden - Liberticidal

The dancing Dystopic Endzeit Panorama rhythm in a restrained swiftness intertwines the drive and the melody in a single musical stream, giving the vocal phrases shades of emotions and experiences.
A short bass guitar solo anticipates the development of the Eternal Youth song continuing the Burn Down Eden - Liberticidal album. Vocal phrases come to the forefront of the musical image, musical passages envelop them with a charming haze. The instrumental part with a thoughtful guitar solo is preceded by sophisticated vocal reflections.
Digging in the pouring rain Grotesque Satisfaction continues with the vortices of an impressive main motive, then enveloping vocal phrases with enchanting guitar passages.
The musical parts bring in the light of sensual and sensual classical music, the vocals complement the Of Fortress, Deceit & Dissolution composition with a riot of harsh experiences, then intertwining in a single musical stream with romantic musical trends.
The vocals calls for memories, then Melodies Of Memento continues with a harsh drive, crowned with incredibly melodic guitar passages.
The main motive carries the guitar solo into the competition, then the vocals gives the sound of the Succubus song a dark severity, developing the sound into a meaningful mid-tempo anthem in the chorus.
The mysterious mystery of the A Tale Of Deviant Hypocrisies introduction envelops the listener with an organ saga, then the music, while preserving a certain mystical charm, invites violent streams of growling vocals. In the instrumental bridges mysterious mysticism seizes music, bringing some shades of progressive trends.
A fierce musical whirlwind anticipates a significant Daemmerung vocal narration, raising it to the crest of a wave of its drive.
Musical passages with swirling whirlwinds swirl around vocal phrases, entangling them in a cocoon of the main motive.
Acoustic guitar enters with romantic meditations, then this narration becomes tougher and acquires fascinating power, but with the introduction of vocals the final album composition The Carnage Caused By Megalomaniac Gods transforms into a majestic march, then from time to time transforming the medium tempo epic breaks.