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Letters sent from the edge

July 06, 2018
Sear Bliss - Letters From The Edge

The mysterious instrumental introduction Crossing The Frozen River precedes Forbidden Doors with so epic mystery, revealing the gates of the Sear Bliss - Letters From The Edge album with powerful passages, bringing a drive and energy that extols the melody that comes to the fore in the instrumental bridges. In the middle section of the composition, the theme slows down to a romantic ballad, mesmerizing in its unhurried waltz with its marvelous dance.
The solemn melody enters Seven Springs meaningfully and majestically, as if the heralds announce the arrival of the legendary king. Then the drive and melody are interwoven in a fascinating dance - combining in, perhaps, the most successful composition of the album. However, A Mirror In The Forest continues this enchanting fusion of epic melody and inspirational drive, inferring, however, the melodic to the forefront of the composition.
Wrapping the mysterious motifs in the twilight covers, Abandoned Peaks captures with the enchanted passages of the romantic ballad, enveloping the mysterious melodic passages that form the mystery of the enchanted mysteries.
The main motive Haven carries an effective stream of melodism, raising vocal reflections to the top of the musical image and introducing solemn melodies concluding musical parts.
Returning to the notes of the solemn march, which as if the leitmotif pierces the whole album with its influence, The Main Devide majestically marches along the chosen path, rolling the waves of a combination of drive and melodism.
The majestic Leaving Forever Land anthem complements the sound with the sublime mystery, inspiringly ritualizing ancient spells, slowly developing in an inspired sonnet.
The dusky fog of instrumental At The Banks Of Lethe introduces omens and anxious forebodings, culminating in the epic artistry of the last album's Shroud composition, leisurely and sensually exciting waves of romantic fog rising to the top a sparkling melody in the instrumental bridges continuing with the majestic saga of the chorus. The song and the whole album completes with clean vocals sensual phrases and orchestral arrangements, which sums up the furious passage of an energetic drive.