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Let us worship last remaining god

March 08, 2021
Funeral Tears - The Last God on the Earth

Starting with a twilight canopy of the uncharted sadness of the Your Loneliness composition begins the musical narration of the Funeral Tears - The Last God on the Earth album, rushing the expected features of this musical style.
The muted vocal despair whisper begins the Life Amongst People song with a soft chime of guitar passages, the vocals indicates the encouraging moments in this incredibly sad atmosphere. Then, keeping all the same musical stylist, the vocal part diversifies its sound with male screaming and grovling vocals.
Guitar solo of the Tell Me My Name intro gives the sparkling gleam of hope comes harsh vocals and meaningful growling. But then the music and vocals, while in continuous change, combine the resistance of horror and despair with gloomy extensions of the coming battles.
Twilight mystery of music passages creates an atmosphere of solemn significance, complementing the sound of harsh, but the majestic handles of thoughtful growling, creating a composite image of the I Found New Home song in a joint sound. Starting with a soft and romantic guitar fingering solo with leisurely reflections of clean vocals, the title composition of the The Last God on the Earth album completes it with a confident march of a deep growling vocals.