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Let us to decipher this abbreviation

January 01, 2020
Raketkanon - RKTKN #3

Starting the Raketkanon - RKTKN #3 album with a mysterious mystery the Ricky song precedes the introduction of vocals with a viscous dusk, the vocals explode with a whirlwind of emotional exclamations, in the bridges the music returns to viscous mystery. Mournful vocal tunes rotate the flywheel of entry, then Fons marches with vortices of a painful march, retreating in front of the vocal tunes.
Beginning with an acoustic chime of strings, Melody vocals enters with a muffled whisper, gradually introducing certain trends of mystery. The Hannibal vocals comes in vaguely outlining with furious cries, then the muffled sacrament alternates with furious indignation. The inspiration of the sound of Robin song brings the atmosphere of music of the 60s of the last century to the album, vocal thoughts complement their psychedelic atmosphere. Lou vocals continues muffled thoughtfulness, music supplements these thoughts with a leisurely twilight atmosphere.
A whirlwind of drive hovering around the Harry vocals phrases, introducing certain trends of indignation and irritation, crowning the finale of musical measures with cosmic trends of keyboard improvisations. Beginning with a playful sound, then as if a siren calls Ernest for painful thoughts. Mido concludes the exploration of the names in the album with muffled reverie wrapping in the gloom of conjecture and speculation.