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Let us listen to Orpheus!

July 06, 2016
Mystic Sign - Behold Orpheus

People, be in the attention, do not miss the moment, be prepared to Mystic Sign - Behold Orpheus .
Saws, saws consciousness into parts that are stacked, looking at their weight and the need for it - that was intro, Inception of Deception!
Live atmosphere is created, Chained Shadows under control, despite eager's attempts for their release. Control rather monotonous, but all of the clouds protected very firmly!
Slowly, viscous and thunderously starts moves for Breaking the Chains. Obsessive chills to the bone, this ballad saws every mind gyrus. If doesn't reach the depths of the soul and consciousness - will continue this process to succeed! Be ready for that, yes-yes!
Blues motives distribute rock-n-roll! After spending many years in prison, now the fresh air permeates every cell of the body Outside the Prison. Merrily, cheerfully - from the past were only sad memories! Well, let them to hell !!! The mysterious story about his travels, to the accompaniment of an acoustic guitar and keyboard leads Wanderer. Then accompaniment saturate its flesh by the power, story takes emotional nuance - a tale of wandering has left its mark in the narrator's mind. But story ends so calm, as starts.
Melancholic, sad ballad indicates that expectation to Dawn's Return melodic riffs in the instrumental part, delays in the depths of sorrow and sadness, circling in the maelstrom of musical melancholy mood emphasizes this ballad.
Orpheus' Dusk Journey, Pt. I starts epic and sublime, creating an atmosphere of high places values. The stories about the adventures of Orpheus on his hard path appears a woman's voice, quiet and distant adding the words and phrases to this legend.
Do not stay in one place, but sometimes in order to leave it - you need to feel like Crossing the Borders. But familiar and comfortable things and phenomena remains behind, sadness and melancholy penetrates every word of this confession, adding voice of the witch to that sad ballad, saturated by despair and hopelessness every second of this song.
Knit consciousness by its intro, anchoring attention to a single thread, spun a leitmotif through the entire canvas of the Unseal the Truth. Leitmotif stretches further 'till the end, course of vocal diluted by Lady's speeches.
Fairy tales and stories of witches begins Orpheus' Dusk Journey, Pt. II. Then the tale absorbs inks, gaining strength and content of their branches, and the album ends powerfully and epic!