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Let them burns

January 16, 2022
Burning The Oppressor - Damnation

The viscous, heavy introduction of the Cannibal K track begins the musical story of the Burning The Oppressor - Damnation album with a gloomy march, but the introduction of the vocals transforms the sound into an explosion of rapid drive, alternating the main vocals with a complementary emotional backing track. Once again, the guitar solo intro restrains the sound with heavy shackles, which are thrown off by the hooked up vocals of The Oppressor song.
The chime of the toy precedes the musical dusk of the Martyrize composition, rolling out the musical canvas of a dark anthem, accelerating with the introduction of the vocals, continuing with the furious sound of the Black Eye musical thriller.
The enigmatic ticking of the clock concludes with the Wrongdoers Of The Seas somber vocal proclamation with a heavy musical twilight that swells in accelerated rapidity in anticipation of the continuation of this sparkling drive in the sound of the Crackhead song.
The sound of the Damnation composition immediately explodes with a whirlwind of deadly drive, somewhat subduing the sound in the mid-tempo march of the chorus, continuing the twilight frenzy in the mysterious sound of the Darkest Moonlight (feat. Frank Duff) song with the guest vocals. The Seven Generations Raped (feat. Black Bear Singers) track continues the influence of guest vocalists, somewhat transforming the album's musical palette.
A melodic guitar solo serves as an intriguing introduction, then a chime anticipates the martial sound of the Infamous Human Beast track, continuing into the assertive drive of the Insanity song, that is rolling out waves of persistent and unyielding sound, anticipating the Warrior (feat. Simon Girard) dark anthem that concludes the musical story of the album.