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Let the final battle begins!

November 15, 2022
Stryper - The Final Battle

After a bright drive of the introduction, the Transgressor composition begins the musical narrative of the Stryper - The Final Battle album by alternating guitar solos and vocal phrases in the foreground of the verse and weaving them in a single musical stream of the chorus. The See No Evil, Hear No Evil rhythmic battle march persistently, confidently and relentlessly marches along the chosen musical path, continuing such a sound with the perseverance and perseverance of the guitar riffs of the Same Old Story composition, somewhat accelerating the tempo after the introduction.
The guitar solo embodies the leitmotif of the sound of the Heart & Soul song, raising the emotional charm of the vocal part in anticipation of the inspired acceleration of the musical drive in anticipation of the sparkling inspiration of the chorus and the bright guitar solo of the instrumental part. The intriguing mystery ends with vocal doubts and the mesmerizing sound of the Near romantic ballad.
The rhythmic procession of the Out, Up & In march is crowned with bright and emotional vocal phrases that accentuate the rhythmicity of the sound in the chorus. The rapid whirlwind of musical drive wraps around the Rise To The Call vocal part with bright guitar riffs, captivating with the rapid sound of exciting musical unity, then clearly and persistently driving the step of the The Way, The Truth, The Life march into the chosen musical path, complementing the vocal narrative with an echo of mysterious oriental motifs.
The dark mystery of the musical narrative of the No Rest For The Wicked dark tale takes you on a journey through the twilight haze of ghostly mysteries, continuing with a mesmerizing echo of reassuring motifs and the determined vocals tenacity of the Till Death Do Us Part song and the combative and assertive drive of the Ashes To Ashes composition, energetically and assertively completing the album with an unyielding sound.