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Let the apocalypse begins!

October 29, 2018
Omination - Followers Of The Apocalypse

The ringing of the bells, the choirs of church servants and the sublime organ part set the mood for the The Temple Of The End Of Time introduction, then the vocals bring gloomy omens to the music. The rhythm thickens the sound and becomes hardened, then the instrumental part brings the atmosphere of sublime artistry, but then the vocals combine the romantic melody together with sad reflections, setting the overall tone of the Omination - Followers Of The Apocalypse album, completing the composition with subdued sophisticated reflections.
The vocals come to the forefront of the musical image of the Towards The Holocaust composition, heralding gloomy prophecies and omens of impending disaster, musical accompaniment complements the legends with charming melodies, emphasizing the inspired keyboard passages in the instrumental part, anticipating a romantic guitar solo. Followers Of The Apocalypse continues the dominance of vocals over the musical component of the composition. The vocals explode with nervous tales instrumental passages complement artistic mystery and mysterious twilight in instrumental bridges, throwing on focal phrases covers of unclear anticipation of unexpected changes.
Thoughtfully and dullly beginning, Crossing The Frozen Wasteland states its sound with muffled clear vocals, mysteriously thinking about the surrounding wasteland. After long reflections, the vocal acquires an emotional attitude and complements the sound with power and drive, but after a fierce musical explosion, it rolls back to meditative reflections. The The Whirlpool Of Ignorance main motive envelops the vocal narration, fingering the thoughtful growling and dreamy pure style, while preserving enchanting reverie and embracing romanticism.
The A Replica... vocals with muffled reflections with the keyboard background anticipate the final composition of album ...Whose Name Is Worthlessness, combining in its sound the features of all musical ideas that are reflected in his music. Beginning with a sad romance, like a funeral for lost opportunities. Then transformed into a pulsating march, complementing the sound of a driving hue.