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Let's explore your nature

January 21, 2018
Spirit Breaker - Human Nature

Brief meditations of distorted vocals grind a gentle dreamy Bright Hands melody, starting Spirit Breaker - Human Nature album!
Combining the average pace and rhythm with the incredible nervousness of the vocal phrases Starfall sets an incredible number of questions, the answers to which evaporate like a ghostly haze of romantic melodies, preceded in the changeable confession of vocal doubts completion of the composition.
But the gloomy fog of dark romance envelops the Nairomi sound, building its passages around the black castle in which the tender voiced lady caged, and the guards are demonically screaming and growling around that dark stronghold.
The spirit of ancient Black Oak legends sang in mysterious imitative feeds with modern musical style forming some lace of epochs and legends, transforming it into a peculiar sound of ancient bardic sagas. The thickening foggy vocal Merciless sounds more severe, then the nervous clean vocals brings to the gloomy darkness with the growling alarming omens. Then the female vocals return the spirit of medieval romance, retreating before the zealous onslaught of musical twilight.
Once again, the atmosphere of the legendary tales envelops in its thoughts an energetic drive of ultramodern music, combining in the incredible frenzy of ancient legends in Threads of modern gadgets.
Satellite Earth (Feat. Garrett Russell) continues this same atmosphere, but more melodic and romantics are hovering proud banners over a powerful drive.
Pulsating in the unhurried flow of the march, like the heartbeat of a huge organism, Sunsetting adorns its pulsations with the enchanting charm of mysterious melodies.
Dominating vocal phrases that combines a confident clean male with a creaky screaming and concentrated growling under the banner of a high-pitched Shadow Radiant melody paves their way to the title track Human Nature again the dominant role of vocals, swirling its phrases with wonderful melodies, that completes the album.