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Let everything around you will burst into flames

May 20, 2022
Die Apokalyptischen Reiter - Wilde Kinder

The explosion of drive and bright musical essence captures attention and takes you into a rapid flight through the atmosphere of dreams, bringing epic charm to the sound of the Von Freiheit will Ich singen chorus. The Volle Kraft composition continues the Die Apokalyptischen Reiter - Wilde Kinder album, weaving a harsh unity of melody and gloomy fairy tale in the guitar solo of the introduction, which then acts as a leitmotif with notes of industrial musical influences with futuristic folkloric notes. The Alles ist gut romantic ballad continues the fairy tale with melodic charm and sensual vocal cover.
The Wilde Kinder title track weaves bright lace with notes of epic proclamations, weaving there romantic reflections and sparkling notes of forgotten fairy tales, rolling out the enchanting lace of a thoughtful and wise Leinen los fairy tale on the musical path of the album. The Euer Gott ist der Tod chapter begins with a mysterious narrative, then rolls out a fascinating musical canvas of a dark anthem.
Rushing and jumping the Nur frohen Mutes song will take you into the sparkling swiftness of an exciting dance. The Blau composition brings the vocal narrative to the foreground, continuing with the harsh and meaningful character of the Der Eisenhans march in the approach of the Ich bin ein Mensch final composition.