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Legion of adherents impose their faith

August 01, 2020
Interior - Legion Of Religion

The Raven On The Cross keyboards motives, impressive with hit echoes of popular music, are combined with the severity of the vocal melodies and the significance of the eddies of the guitar part. The title composition continues the Interior - Legion Of Religion album, complementing it with pulsating waves of rhythmic drive and somewhat accelerating the tempo of the musical sound.
Bringing guitar passages to the forefront of the musical image, the Ghoul crowns them with the inspired severity of vocal growling. In the sound of the main motive, it is easy to catch the noticeable influence and shades of folklore motives. In addition, in the vocals, growling alternates with screaming. The Way develops folk motifs, weaving the lace of the epic saga from their leisurely procession. Whipping up waves of mid-tempo drive, the Stream complements this style with the drive of a combat march. The Treatment marches on even more belligerently, crowning the final bars of the bars with flying guitar solos, speeding up the tempo significantly with the vocals intro, but then returning to the mid-tempo battle march again.
Expanding the stylistic framework of the album, the Heaven intro brings echoes of darkwave into it, then bursting with a twilight haze of mystery with the Underwater furious pressure of impetuous drive. In the vocal part, screaming and growling replace each other in a dominant role. The It's A Sin (Pet Shop Boys cover) song pays homage to one of the band's sources of inspiration, sticking to its own interpretation of the original music, but condenses the rhythm and hardens the vocals to a restrained harsh.
The Instrumental symphony captivates with unexpected changes in rhythm. Combining these artistic variations with the bright swirls of a guitar solo. The Ghoul (Max remix) rethinking of one of the songs in this release completes the musical narration.