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Legends live forever - longer than the physical body

October 03, 2016
Kai Hansen - XXX: Three Decades in Metal

Someone measures the time of minutes, another ones - hours or days. But Kai Hansen - XXX: Three Decades in Metal already spent and will continue more and more!
Aggressively and persistently brings to your attention that does not succumb to the slightest pressure - he Born Free in 1963 to play the music that wishes to play - no other way of life for him!
Stepping solid sweeping steps in hammering their way with powerful blows of feet story about Enemies Of Fun paves the path for the powerful and persistent way of life. Vocals nervously plays with emotions, juggling them as if weightless feathers. Then in the solo instrumental part history accelerates its course, bringing us forward by steady leaps, but with the return of the vocal tempo returns to the same powerful, solid, sweeping steps. Bang! Bang! Bang!
Classics, each style has its own Contract Song, stringing the guitar notes on the track axis, if cooking usual ordinary dishes. The history periodically bursts with abstruse monologue that teaches "how to negotiate contracts". And teaches all - "what contract have to sign, where to sign and how to sign"! Oh, we don't need no education, we don't need no sign control!
Boldly chops guitar intro of the Making Headlines, passing in the average pace of the verse. Raging slashes returns to the bridge - until the next verse.
Begins pensive monologue of one, then next Stranger In Time picks up the reflections. Conversation then becomes more tension, colored with instrumental delights of accompaniment, guitar ornaments hovering around arguing voices echoes.
Pulling into the intersection of the incompatible Fire and Ice emotional ballad strongly appeals to the depths of the mind, causing thoughts to the surface of consciousness. This is followed by respite, instruments preparing nerves and emotions to the subsequent shake-up, then recreating their solo flight of fancy, a guitar solo builds castles in the air. Following the castles in the air comes from the consciousness of indescribable aggression, hatred and fury rays dyeing in purple subsequent emotions that complete the composition like melodic saga.
Gone a lot of lands, towns and roads - all them just Left Behind for us. Unhurried and balanced story sheds light on all of the trips, then the story is saturated with rage, screaming vocals enters - but after the violent and aggressive inspiring story ends just as calm and balanced.
The choice is always there, but sometimes it is clear and understandable - All Or Nothing! Let them say that it is not worth nothing - but their thoughts are not worth a grain of sand for your opinion!
Fiercely aggressively paving the way without stopping in front of the obvious barriers, break the invisible power of thought, we have to Burning Bridges away from our life. Vocal pattern saturated with harsh notes and screams in the chorus, increasing attack and sounding angry. No pity for the past - burning bridges, glowing brightly. Ashes of them will be scattered in the abyss of emptiness!
Rage and anger are merged into a single impulse, interwoven in a squabble in the main motive of the Follow the Sun, built on the discussions and debates of two wranglers, tending to follow the sun in different directions, roads and pathes. But - the sun has set, the album came to an end. So - next similar artwork will be 30 years later!