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Legends are unforgettable - they will be retold again and again, forever and ever

May 25, 2017
Ferndal - Ferndal

Ashes of the stones of medieval castles, rust-covered remnants of ancient armor rises from non-existence, incarnating in so symphonic and hard driving Ferndal - Ferndal !
Instrumental intro Ouverture delightfully combines violin's weeping with significant and wise organ's preceptions.
Inspirational and changeable title track Ferndal, from time to time, the vocals, harsh screaming in verses and experienced clean in the choruses, carries the main motive with their phrases, followed by guitar improvisations, the instrumental parts surround itm from all sides, like comrades-in-arms.
The gloomy fog of hard instrumental breaks crawls out of the shadows from the very beginning of the Ungelebtes Leben, entangling the vocal parties with the fetters of its delights. But the hardening of instrumental impulses makes you want to rest - instrumental parties turn into a quiet, pacifying symphony enveloping imaginary dreams and phantom graces. But this exquisite saga ends with a drumbeat of a warlike march, supplemented by wise vocal teachings that leads to the swift stream of hard musical rush.
Arntor, Ein Krieger returns the atmosphere of instrumental entry by combining the violin, cello and organ in an exciting and vivid symphonic musical image, always keeps the violin passages at the forefront. Oh, that's so great!
After an impressive and inspiring instrumental saga, In Die Freiheit immediately introduces rage and drive, introducing motifs of formidable battles. But after a furious entry, the motifs turn into a solemn march, sometimes bursting into rapid rushes. In the chorus again pure vocal turns into instructive stories, inspired by the experience and wisdom of many knowledge. In conclusion, these wise phrases, the melodies of legendary heroes and melodic symphonies unites in the single musical stream.
The ancient tunes and emotional phrases of the bard, which yearns for rest, unite with musical motifs into the single medieval saga Ein Spater Gast, solemnly and majestically raising ancient legends into modern reality.
Coda completes the charming atmosphere of medieval heroes, fairies and fairy tales with an instrumental saga, in which keyboards pass to the front edge.