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Legends and tales require attention and focused perception

February 17, 2020
Inferi (USA) - The End of an Era | Rebirth

Inspiringly and artistically starting the Inferi (USA) - The End of an Era | Rebirth epic saga, The Ruin of Mankind acts as an introduction to the next Gatherings in the Chamber of Madness сomposition, which develops given melodic motifs. Particular attention should be paid to variations of the vocal part, which weaves in a single musical lace deep and severe growling with emotional screaming, giving at first the latter the dominant position. Continuing the rampant race of swift musical whirlwinds and melodics of the previous composition The Endless Siege weaves and alternates vocal styles in a bewitching sound. But after a fast drive, an epic symphony envelops attention listener, captivating with a majestic musical charm, then combining these motives with swiftness and alternating pace variations.
Starting with a soft acoustic lace minstrel ballad then A New Breed of Savior intertwines the inherent motifs of melodic charm with the fierce power of a drive with the embodiment of an album-specific vocal unity. Binding vocal alternation Sentenced to Eternal Life weaves from it with musical passages a mesmerizing unity of symphonic stylistics and furious drive.
Fascinating with the mesmerizing sound of the main motive, The War Machine Embodiment rushes on the wings of a sparkling musical dragon. Driving power and drive to the forefront of the musical image, instrumental symphony The Warrior's Infinite Opus is also crowned with bewitching melody, captivating the mind to the limits of dreams. Quest for the Trinity continues the musical motives given by the previous instrumental symphony, but supplements them with the usual vocal alternation and diversifies the rhythmic structure.
Exploding with a rhythmic and powerful whirlwind Forged in the Phlegethon weaves a bewitching musical lace around a vocal part directing a musical narration along the chosen path. Concluding the album, the Cursed Unholy symphony gives the musical passages some echoes of greatness and inspiration, occasionally complementing the instrumental symphony with vocal cries.